Stephanie J. Gates, Owner
Stephanie J. Gates, Owner

What We Offer

WriteBesideU is a personalized
writing service. Our goal is to make a memorable occasion even more so by creating one-of-a-kind gifts. Getting married? Celebrating an anniversary?
A milestone birthday? Retiring?
Need to memorialize a loved one?

From birth announcements to obituaries and everything else in between, at WriteBesideU We can personalize your wedding vows, create stories to mark milestones, and give loved ones a proper send off. We can create something based on the answers to a few questions, or we can tweak what you’ve already written. Whatever your need, WriteBesideU is here. When the right words escape you, WriteBesideU is here to capture the essence of what you want to say.


Birth Announcements
Education Editorial
Feature Stories
Wedding Vows

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During one of my most difficult times, Stephanie Gates provided her writing service for what I thought would be
a traditional account of my husband’s life. Instead, Stephanie used her creative writing skills to transform this painful
process into a beautiful story that was cherished by family and friends. She wrote my husband’s obituary as a story from
his perspective. All the information and events were narrated using his candid personality. This different twist to his
obituary actually brought humor and fond memories to all that knew him. I’m so thankful that Stephanie wrote my
husband’s obituary, I like to read it to treasure the pleasant recollections of his life.  – Tracy Wesson