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A poem is unique. Different from prose, a poem requires a special finesse. I look for words to say more with less. The poems are personalized for the occasion and are one-of-a-kind.  An obituary is the last thing written about a person’ life, and it should give the reader a look into the life of the deceased. The obituary should be more than a black and white snapshot. It should pop with colorful anecdotes of the person’s life. 

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DIGITAL & BLOGS is where I share my views of the world. I write about what it means to move through the world as the different parts of myself documenting what’s unique to me as well as universal truths. Click here to read my latest post and feel free to leave a comment. I have also guest posted on the award winning site Pen & Prosper and the highly popular For Harriet.

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For years I free lanced for N’Digo working as the education writer and also writing other feature stories. I had the pleasure of creating cover stories on notable Chicagoans such as Dr Barbara Eason-Watkins, former Chief Educational Officer of Chicago Public Schools as well as Dr Carol Adams President and CEO of DuSable Museum of African American history. I also did a feature on music mogul Russell Simmons. My stories were in the online version of Being Single and Mahogany magazines.

 “I’ve worked with Stephanie Gates on various creative projects over the years, including my role as
former senior editor of Mahogany Magazine.  Stephanie is a talented, eloquent writer who expresses herself well,
and you can expect to go the extra mile. Additionally, she takes direction well.”  Jennifer Banks